"What interests and moves me the most is the discovery of unique expertise being transmitted from generation to generation: the gestures, the tools, and the respect for tradition."
About Leif  

Leif Carlsson studied in New York at the International Center of Photography founded by Cornell Capa. He worked for various organizations in New York before moving to Paris in 1999. He works with the French Red Cross and with many French and Swedish magazines such as "L'Express" and "Capital." He continues to work with clients in New York and various other locations throughout Europe.

Starting with a long artistic collaboration with Hennessy, Leif has developed a passion for the world of wine making and has himself become something of a connoisseur of French wines. He has photographed for many of the finest French winemakers and is the primary photographer behind the luxury book "Distinctive Vintages: Fine French Wines & Spirits."

Leif lives in Paris with his wife and three children.

    © Leif Carlsson